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Kayden speaking at Old Dominion University

College/ University

Inspiring, uplifting and educational. Kayden provides a laid back, story-like approach to sharing empowering stories of lived experience & the black gay transgender experience. He also teaches on other transgender and LGBQI issues.

Kayden speaking at Transgender Panel in Washington D.C.

Panels & Discussions

Kayden believes that the more entertaining something is, the more engaged the audience will be. He provides a humorous, insightful approach to education and a means to create understanding/education.

Contact now to see how he can contribute to your panel discussions, conferences, etc.

Are you a birth worker or someone in the medical field that wants to expand your knowledge? Does your organization need sensitivity training? Would you like Kayden to speak at your corporate meeting? Contact Kayden to see how to make sure your company/organization is leading the way in transgender competency.